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  • 6 and 8 colour flexographic printing presses (water or solvent-based inks)
  • Laminating (3 machines) - foils, films, paper and board
  • Embossing
  • Bag preparation
  • Sheeting
  • Die Cutting 

High quality printed packaging makes your product stand out from the competition.

Printstock Products is renowned for quality.

We produce outstanding printed images, food handling instructions and product information, optimising branding and customer appeal.


Our equipment includes 4, 6 and 8 colour flexo-printers which are built for speed, accuracy and versatility, producing attractive and cost effective packaging materials.

Combined with our laminating capabilities, Printstock produce beautiful and functional products to match most anything on the market.


We are Assure Quality accredited for food packaging. 

We can also print, sheet and prepare very delicate materials:


Tissue paper for premium wines and other food products and wraps


Lightweight alumnium foil (down to 7 microns).


Lamination combines different materials to deliver functional and asthetic properties in a seamless 'single film' .

Printstock produce a variety of first rate laminate solutions for our clients - we're the invisble 'ingredient' wrapping many of New Zealands best brands and supporting emerging products.


Greater stability and rigidity,

a scratch and mark resistant surface, a high gloss surface, an enhanced moisture barrier, an

extended shelf life and high

visual impact are just s ome of the beneifts a laminate can deliver.

Typical laminations include:

  • Foil/paper for a large range of products,  e.g. chocolate wrappers. 

  • Paper, foil and polyethylene producing a "high barrier" material.

  • Reverse printing on clear film and sealed between 2 layers of material creating a package with high visual impact and food safe qualities.

  • Foil laminated board, with a film overlaid provides great presentation, a moisture barrier and insulation for a variety of foods. 


Customised packaging solutions are often required in the confectionery and bakery industries by manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers.

Printstock's bag making allows clients to produce lower volumes of product where an on site form-fill-seal machine is not practical for them.


We can either print the film beforehand or produce bags on unprinted films.

We provide a wide variety of bags for some of New Zealands premium botique brands. Our bags will be found protecting and presenting: cookies, chocolates, nuts, cakes, popcorn and candy floss.

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