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Gift Wrap and product presentation

It's a wrap

You'd be amazed how many times you've wrapped that special gift, or better still had one given to you, with wrapping paper made right here in Hawke's Bay.

We've done it all - Christmas, Brand Specific, Product Specific, Funny, Pretty (and sometimes pretty awful), Floral, Celebratory etc.

We have a number of standard prints available and can prepare and print almost any material you can think of.

Many designs are proprietary, and some of those you will have seen when flying out of New Zealand or having a product wrapped at osm of New Zealand's icon retailers.

We also proudly provide branded wrap for some of Hawke's Bay's best wines and provide wrap to protect some of our favourite horticultural exports.

Gloss, matt, double-sided, tissue...

Just try us, we promise not to make it too difficult to find something to delight your customers.

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