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Food packaging

Printstock is proud to produce a high percentage of New Zealand's pie packaging, amongst supporting other food products across New Zealand.


The NZ food manufacturing industry meets high quality and food safety standards and the packaging industry plays an important role in this outcome.  

Printstock consistently meets or exceeds the required standards and maintains a long-established client base of happy customers as a result.

We understand food safety, product presentation, quality, and reliability.

We take your product seriously, really seriously. Our focus is 100% on delivering what you asked for, every time, without fail.

Call and discuss your needs.

We have the equipment, the materials and the know-how to package pretty much anything you can imagine.

  • Laminates, 6 and 8 colour, greaseproof, perforated, ovenable, freezer compatible, heat sealable, long shelf life, foils, films, paper

These, and more, are all possible.

You'll find Printstock's products presenting and protecting:

Pies, Chocolate, cookies, slices, cakes, noodles, more pies, burritos, nuts, popcorn, candy floss, dairy products, salmon, still more pies, frozen meals, and more.

Let's talk.

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